How to Clean Sunglasses

Knowing how to clean sunglasses is a habit that should be duly incorporated into your daily lifestyle. How to clean sunglasses at home is no different than knowing how to clean sunglasses on vacation, as it simply requires some basic steps that can be carried out anywhere.


  1. Wash under Lukewarm Water: The first step in knowing how to clean sunglasses is to wash your sunglasses with lukewarm water. At the time of washing, you must make sure the water comes in contact with all surfaces of the sunglasses, from temple tips to the bridge.


  1. Lather with Mild Soap: After the initial wash, you must use a mild soap and delicately lather it all over the pair. The soap should be lathered over all parts of the sunglasses as it disinfects and gets rid of any dust caught between the parts.


  1. Rinse: Once the sunglasses have been light scrubbed and lathered all over, rinse them thoroughly under running water again. Make sure to rinse the lenses and the joints carefully to avoid any soap residue that may cause skin irritation later.


  1. Wipe dry: The most important thing to know about how to clean sunglasses lenses is to always use a microfiber cloth or the lenscloth that comes with the sunglasses. Wipe down the lenses, temples, and joints thoroughly and leave them to air dry. Avoid using any abrasive material like cotton or tissue as it may lead to scratches or damage the protective film on the lens.

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